You can make a difference in a veterans life today

You can make a difference in a veterans life today

You can make a difference in a veterans life todayYou can make a difference in a veterans life todayYou can make a difference in a veterans life today

Quilting the Quilt - Owning your Quilting process

What is Long Arm Quilting

A well-known quilting phrase goes, “Sew much fabric, sew little time!” This clever play on words strikes home for anyone whose fabric stash seems infinite but whose time is not. Professional machine quilters have been able to “give time back” to quilters by taking over the quilting process, freeing up time for piecers (often called “toppers”) to make even more quilt tops.

Toppers gleefully “quilt by check” so that they can keep doing what they love best. Yet other quilters relish the quilting process far more than piecing quilts. These quilters often buy mid-arm or longarm quilting machines to fuel their passion, and many often quilt part time or even full time for others. This symbiotic relationship has helped quilters complete thousands of projects that would otherwise sit in a stack of UFOs for years.

Sometimes the problem isn’t lack of time or even lack of desire when it comes to the actual quilting process. Many quilters would prefer to make the quilt from start to finish; they are delighted and gratified when they can say “I made it all myself .” It is hard to put so much work and love into a project, only to pass it off to someone else to complete. But roadblocks like lack of space, lack of confidence, or lack of the right quilting equipment get in the way.

Thankfully, longarm rental studios are popping up all over—giving quilters the power to regain control and “own” the quilting process from start to finish.

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Longarm quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt. The longarm sewing machine frame typically ranges from 10 feet to 14 feet in length.

The Long Arm I use

Ansley26 ESP Long Arm Quilting Machine

Introducing The Ansley26 ESP Limited Long Arm Quilting Machine

The ALL NEW Ansley26 ESP Limited offers quilters more of what they buy a TinLizzie18 brand for. With the same great features of our 18 inch model, Ansley26 ESP offers the largest quilting area available on the market when compared with other 26 inch models.

Ansley26 ESP's state-of-the-art stitch regulation and our famous Lizzie Stitch, combined with the largest usable throat space available—26" x 8", our new LCD monitor, 5-year warranty, adjustable handlebars, oil reservoir, built-in bobbin winder, largest capacity bobbin, and needle up/down all make the Ansley26 ESP your best choice when considering a long arm quilter. With no size limitations and the highest quality on the market, no other company can match our machine at such an affordable price.

Machine Features


Your Ansley26 ESP model features a 7-inch LCD touch screen display. When you select any of the stitch modes, including the famous Lizzie Stitch, your machine coordinates with your movements; as you move the machine it sews, when you stop it stops with you. With stitch regulation so precise, allowing for even the finest micro-stippling, the new ESP makes quilting elegant, sophisticated and precise.


Your Ansley26 ESP has the ability to stop in the needle up or needle down position with exact precision, minimizing bent or broken needles and allowing free movement of the machine.


Your Ansley26 ESP offers a built-in bobbin winder that winds while you quilt, so your next bobbin is always full and ready. It also features the largest available bobbin capacity, the M-size bobbin.


The handlebars are fully-adjustable to any position helping to ease tension and tired muscles, and make intricate quilting easier. Now that’s elegant, sophisticated and precise!


A seamless integration where technology meets computerized quilting: Simply attach the hardware, plug it in, and you have a fully-automated system. Simplicity at its best.


Your Ansley26 ESP requires little maintenance. The oil is self-contained so you no longer have to worry about oil on your quilts or oiling the hook with every bobbin change.

Ansley26 ESP Long Arm Quilting